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RoasterShare is your one-stop shop for everything related to specialty coffee roasting and brewing.  As a cooperative working space, we offer industry-quality equipment and facilities to coffee enthusiasts and business owners.  It's one of the few specialty coffee co-ops in the country- and the only one not located in a coastal city.

There are no dues or fees- you only pay for your rentals, classes, and green coffee.  A staff member will always be available to answer questions and provide suggestions.  We also encourage collaboration and cross-communication between members.  

In addition, we will be offering forums and seminars, some led by highly-experienced coffee professionals, for our members.  These get-togethers will address roast profiling, software, and other topics (members can suggest topics as well).


I have been roasting for several months now with the RoasterShare program and really enjoy it.  Scott and Kenneth are great guys to work with and have made it very easy to get started. 

           – Bob, RoasterShare member


member Services and pricing


roaster rental

RoasterShare offers for rent a Diedrich IR-5 roaster, newly purchased in December 2017.  The roaster is connected to Cropster, the most popular roaster profiling software on the market.  In addition, we offer for rent a 15 kilo Joper roaster, also connected to Cropster.  With these setups, you can develop and save your own roast profiles on Cropster, print hard copies, or email them to your inbox.

Diedrich IR-5 Roaster: $50/hour or $450 per 10-hour prepaid block

Joper BSR 15 Roaster: $150/hour or $1350 per 10-hour prepaid block

Joper 2 Barrel Sample Roaster: $30/hour or $275 per 10-hour prepaid block

Cupping Lab: $30/hour or $275 per 10-hour prepaid block


With specialty coffee, the foundation of a successful roast is understanding the proper operation and capabilities of the equipment you are using.  These classes are for both novice and experienced roaster.  This class includes roaster construction and operation, shop safety, familiarization with Cropster roast profiling software, and the opportunity to roast some training batches.  Members must be trained and signed off in order to use the equipment.

After roasting your coffee, it's highly recommended to cup your coffee in order to ensure it's how you like it to taste.  Learn the SCA way to cup and score your roasted coffees with our cupping class.  Includes an overview of palate calibration and a thorough hands-on lesson on the cupping process.  Several origins will be sampled in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each varietal.


Diedrich IR-5 Roaster Training:

No Diedrich experience: 2 hours: $150, includes green coffee for 3 practice roasts

With Diedrich experience: 1 hour, $100, includes green coffee for 1 practice roast


Joper BSR 15 Roaster Training:

Note: These classes for the Joper assume that the students will have a roasting background on smaller equipment.

No Joper experience: 3 hours: $375, includes green coffee for 3 practice roasts

With Joper experience: 1.5 hours, $200, includes green coffee for 2 practice roasts


Joper 2 Barrel Sample Roaster Training:

All members: 1 hour, $75, includes green coffee for 2 practice roasts


SCA-Compliant Cupping Training: $125

green sales and storage

Our green coffee for sale is higher quality coffee than can be found on enthusiast roasting websites, at much lower prices.  You can see our current offerings and pricing HERE.  RoasterShare members enjoy an additional 5% off of the listed prices.

Purchased Green Storage: $1/bag per month, assessed on last day of month

Ready to get started?  Contact us HERE to set up an appointment for an on-site visit.  We look forward to meeting you!

1900 S. Quince St.

Denver, CO 80231


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